Idédebatt och analys som förnyar arbetarrörelsens frihets- och jämlikhetssträvan

Den engelskspråkiga versionen av Vad är socialdemokrati? finns nu tillgänglig.

What is Social Democracy, a book about ideas and challenges, författad av Ingvar Carlsson och Anne-Marie Lindgren. Boken ges ut av Arbetarrörelsens Tankesmedja i samarbete med Olof Palme International Center. Social democracy is not and never has been a party with a fixed body of dogmas that every member must swear by. It has a tradition of ideas shaped by more than a hundred years of theoretical debate and practical politic. This booklet describes this tradition of ideas: how it has developed and how it can be used to understand the period of change that society and policy has now entered. In this sense it is an introduction to the history of ideas and the discussion of ideas within social democracy.

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